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IN GOOD TASTE: A Contemporary Approach to Cooking, by Victor Gielisse, Mary Kimbrough, and Kathryn Gielisse, Prentice Hall; January 1999

Who says good food can't be good for you? Perhaps there was a time not so long ago when healthy cooking meant bland eating, but fortunately the times have changed. Today's diners are not willing to choose between healthy eating habits and great tasting food - nor do they have to. IN GOOD TASTE: A Contemporary Approach to Cooking marries the art of cooking with the science of nutrition. The result is a unique, ultra- informative compendium of recipes and wisdom that home cooks, chefs, and food service professionals alike can appreciate and enjoy.

Written by a master chef, a registered dietitian, and a food service consultant, IN GOOD TASTE covers the fundamentals of all aspects of healthful cooking. Victor Gielisse, Mary Kimbrough, and Kathryn Gielisse keep in mind these six benchmarks of healthy cooking when creating delicious, nutritious meals:

  • Select quality ingredients (with the end result in mind).
  • Choose methods of preparation to preserve flavor, texture, appearance, and nutritional value. .. Monitor the total use of fats.
  • Incorporate plant-based items whenever possible.
  • Increase the use of seasonings and flavor enhancers, as opposed to salt.
  • Consider the moderate addition of wine as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Besides discussing the finer points of each of these benchmarks IN GOOD TASTE addresses special diets (i.e. spa, vegetarian, and those modified for medical reasons) and explores the topics of genetic engineering and marketing as they relate to food industry professional. There is an abundance of handy, easy-to-read charts, tables, and lists, and five appendixes cover a myriad of topics, from conversions and equivalencies to hard-to-find multicultural food guide pyramids.